Gainsborough Pest Control
01777 553 499 - 07894 833 691

If you have a pest problem in the West Lyndsey catchment area, you will probably already know the council does not provide a pest control service. But fear not as I provide my service in a range of locations including Gainsborough.

Whether its rats, mice, wasps, insects or any other pests then give me a call or fill out the fast call back form. Within minutes I will contact you and you will receive free advice from a fully trained technician.

Rest assured I operate with the upmost of discretion and will eradicate your Gainsborough pest problem. If your not happy with my work then you will not be charged.

Don't leave it too late to ring. The longer you leave a pest problem the worse they usually get so call me (Ian) today and eradicate that pest control problem.

If you are not happy with the results you will NOT be charged!!

Call IAN for FREE advice on any pest problem 07894 833 691 or click fast call back

LOCAL and fully insured

What Can You Expect?

If the problem you have is rats or mice, I will bring the the council refund form with me and help you fill it in.

You can call me on free phone or leave me a fast call back. Within 15 minutes I will contact you and get to the bottom of your Gainsborough pest problem. You can call me night or day my service is 24 hours.

Gainsborough Wasp Control

Fixed price £35.00

Gainsborough Ant Control

My typical price £55.00

Gainsborough Rat Control

My typical price £55.00

Remember - West Lindsey Council no longer provides a service for pest removal.

Claiming Benefits?

If you are claiming housing benefits and/or council tax benefit, or who have state pension as their only income, are eligible for a refund of £41.50 towards the cost of treatment for rats and mice.

No refund is payable for treatment of any other pest.

I carry the refund forms with me and will help fill them in, or you can contact West Lindsey District Council on 01427 676676 A receipt for payment must be provided when returning the form.

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