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All wasps found in the UK, with exception of the hornet, are very similar with black and yellow bands on their body and two pairs of wings.

In spring the queen leaves her hibernating quarters to seek nesting sites. These could be holes in the ground, hollow trees, sheds, loft spaces etc.

The queen starts to build her nest with papery material that she makes by chewing wood mixed with saliva, known as wasp paper. She will raise the first few workers who will then enlarge the nest and care for the immature wasps to follow.

The nest construction starts in spring and will reach maximum size in September, when up to 10,000 workers may be present.

Wasps usually eat insects, but will also feed on dustbin waste and animal carcasses.

Affordable Wasp Nest Removal Retford

We provide wasp control at a set price of £35. Assessing the wasp nest to ensure that the most appropriate treatment is used for each case.

Once treatment has been completed the nest can remain active for up to 3 hours but usually activity will stop much sooner. Once treated a nest will never be reused by wasps.

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Set Price £35.00

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